Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Six Months old!

Yesterday I turned 6 months old! I am growing too quickly mommy tells me :) I am now sitting up on my own and manipulating myself all over the room. I tried my first pureed vegetable (squash). I gobbled it up the first time I tried it, but haven't loved it the last two times. I was really hungry that first time! I am beginning to interact more with Aspen and I love petting him, watching him run and laughing at him. Mommy thinks it is so funny when we are out and about because she is always having people make comments about me like "he looks like he has not missed a meal" or "he must be a good eater". Mommy loves chubby cats and chubby babies so I guess those comments are ok! You are probably wondering what the picture of mommy and daddy dressed up is....our friends had a Halloween party and mommy and daddy decided to dress up as dice that hung from a rear view mirror and I was the rear view mirror!