Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Caleb is 18 months old!

Where does time go? I feel like I was just posting on Caleb's first birthday party! Happy half birthday my darling Caleb! You are growing like a weed and learning new things daily. I love your sweet heart and your precious smile. You now will tell us "love you" back and give us kisses. You will blow kisses to your friends. Your favorite place to play is in our side yard where there are sticks, leaves, a slope and Georgia red clay. You love to go to Chastain park to see the horses. You have had two haircuts and could use your third, but mommy just loves your hair long and shaggy. You have a full set of teeth and are cutting more teeth in right now (evidence of lots of drool and waking up during the night). I love to watch you wrestle with your daddy. I love to watch you try to ride Aspen like a horse. You have great manners and will say please and thank you. You LOVE to climb on tables, chairs, the couch and anything else you can find. You are my precious, sweet boy and I love you very much! Thank you for bringing mommy and daddy so much joy!