Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pebble Beach, CA

Labor Day we returned home on a red eye from an incredible week long work/vacation in Pebble Beach, CA. We went with Josh's parents (Grammie and Pappy) for a golf tournament and had several days to enjoy off the golf course as well. The trip started off with a bang....what was suppose to be a 7:30pm flight from GA to CA didn't end up leaving till 12am GA time which had us landing around 4am and with an hour drive to the hotel it was 7am our body time by the time we arrived. With all that being said we were some sleepy travelers.
Once we arrived at our hotel (Spanish Bay at Pebble Beach), we realized it was all worth it! This is one of Josh and my favorite trips we take (4 years running) and just love our views from our room, eating Ghiradelli (almost daily)

and strolling around in Carmel/Monterrey. It is also kinda cool there which was great to get out of the GA heat! The flowers are magnificent everywhere probably because of their incredible weather. We enjoyed watching Caleb run around at the beach and also enjoyed watching Pappy play great golf! We visited the Monterrey aquarium for the first time and it was another highlight of our trip. Caleb RAN through the aquarium and was so excited as he saw fish, sharks, penguins, flamingos, jelly fish and more!

We are almost back on track with GA time, but it has been a challenge for us (especially Caleb). He has been staying up late and sleeping in.

Daddy caddying at Pebble Beach!

Josh and me enjoying the fire pits they had outside our hotel room overlooking the ocean.

Pebble Beach will always have a special place in our heart because it is where we found out we were pregnant with Caleb and told Grammie and Pappy they were going to be grandparents!

I do have to mention that Caleb had his first x-rays...and first visit to the ER after going down a slide with mommmy and getting his leg turned backwards. After 2-3 days of being off his feet he is back at it and running. Turns out there were no broken bones (Thankfully) and what appears to have been a strained/pulled hip. I just hated seeing my baby so hurt :( Hard to believe by this picture though!