Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Frontera Tuesdays

Tuesday nights are now one of our favorite nights of the week! We have made it a tradition to go with "Grammie" and "Pappy" to Frontera for my favorite food--mexican. We started this tradition shortly after our move to Marietta and I am certain this is one of the reasons I gained a few more pounds during my pregnancy than I was suppose to. And I must say it is not helping me take off the weight either, but it is worth every bite! We now have become regulars there and they expect to see us weekly. Each week we have a server come by and say "he sure is growing". They are getting to see Caleb grow week by week. He is beginning to reach for everything on the table. He will be eating chips & dip with us before we know it, but for now it is just milk and a little rice cereal.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Made in Heaven

The t-shirt Caleb is wearing in these pictures is from his sweet Aunt Libby. I wanted to share what it says because I love it so much. It reads....
Nelson Creations
Size Small
100% Joy
Made in Heaven
Care Instructions:
Handle gently. Wash regularly, warm water.
Towel dry. For best results, shower with love.
Apply hugs and kisses as needed.
With proper care, this wonderful child will give you a lifetime of love and enjoyment!

Caleb has already increased my joy so much! When he gives me one of his tooth less smiles or one of his new giggles he just lights up my world. He is only 4 months old and I cannot imagine life without him. It is amazing how that happens so quickly. With those thoughts, I have recently thought what we would do if anything was to ever happen to him. My eyes immediantly fill up with tears at just the thought. Then my thoughts go to The Lord and how he sent his only son to die for us so that we may have eternal life with him in heaven. I cannot imagine just how difficult this was for him. What a gift! And what a gift he has blessed me with in Caleb. I am overwhelmed with all the many blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me! What a glorious God I serve.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pebble Beach, CA

We just arrived home this morning after taking a red eye flight from Pebble Beach, CA. And yes, I do believe my eyes were red after arriving home. Caleb did such a great job on his first flight across the country and making a three hour time change. He was a champ! We had such a great time and had the best weather we have ever had in Pebble Beach. The views were just breathtaking. Caleb was able to enjoy his first trip to Ghiradelli's (one of our favorite spots for sundaes in Monterey, CA). It is not always easy on the waist line, but it is always worth it! He also watched his Pappy play golf for the first time. Although, mommy was very nervous taking him out on the golf course he did great and did not make a peep. Caleb turned 4 months old when we were out in Cali and we celebrated by giving him his first rice cereal. He is just doing so many new things and growing so much I can hardly stand it! When we came home and I changed his diaper in his changing station I couldn't believe it but his little body has gotten so long he no longer fits inside it and has to hang his legs over. Well, my pillow is calling my name and ten o'clock has not even hit yet. But I think I probably only got a couple of hours (maybe two) last night so I am feeling the need to get some more. Good night!