Saturday, August 22, 2009

Rolly Polly

Thursday, August 20th Caleb started rolling over from his back to his stomach. Apparently, this was a big feat since most babies roll from their stomachs to their backs first. It was so exciting to watch it happen and he was so proud of himself as he should be :) The good news is once he got to his stomach he was happy to spend some time there. He then proceeds to do the Superman position which must be creating a great six pack underneath that cute belly of his. I must admit I have not given him the tummy time he is suppose to have (partially because I have held him so much and partially because he doesn't love being on his tummy). However, since he chose to get on his tummy himself by rolling over he seemed proud and happy to be there. Once he got that first roll down, he hasn't stopped. He currently only rolls to his right so I guess he is like Zoolander and is not an ambiturner :) . He has (by accident I believe) rolled back to his back one time, but I think that was because there was a drop off of the blanket and it helped him to keep going. Well, I know people say enjoy every minute because they grow up fast and that is so true! Caleb is about to be four months old and I cannot believe all he is doing now and how much he has grown.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Caleb's future wife

So this weekend was lots of fun....some of my friends and I threw a baby shower for Caleb's future mother in law (Sherri) and his future wife (Ally Grace). Yes, we are already setting him up. Who wouldn't want to be able to choose their in-laws and we know the Dickens would be great ones! And since we already know Ally Grace is going to be a knock out I know Caleb would approve of this arrangement. She is suppose to arrive October 1st, but sounds like she may come a little early (every pregnant woman's hopes). Caleb came after the shower for a cookout and did so well! He is such a good baby. In the picture you will see him surrounded by some of his favorite Aunts (Aunt Kerie, Aunt Brooke, Aunt Kristin, Aunt Jenny, Aunt Haley, and Aunt Sherri whom will one day turn into his mother in law) :)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Caleb took his first trip to Savannah for our friends' (Ryan & Victoria's) wedding. He did a great job and enjoyed his first rehearsal dinner! We had such a great time celebrating with friends as the last guy in Josh's prayer group was married off. They have been meeting together for a little over five years. Each of the eight guys in his group were single when they started. It has been so neat to see God answer each of their prayers for a wife over the years. We were also able to visit and stay with our friend Jacqueline while in Savannah. She was one of my first friends when I moved to Atlanta after college. We did some of our favorite things in Savannah while we were there.....we ate yummy seafood at Uncle Bubba's (brothers with Paula Dean), we ate peanut butter/chocolate fudge from Riverstreet, and we took Caleb swimming in the pool. It was a great weekend & Caleb has done such a great job traveling in the car.

Sunday, August 2, 2009


These pictures are of some of my "firsts".....the first time my mommy held me after I left the delivery room, my daddy's first time holding me & changing my diaper, my first time home in my room & one of my first baths (I love bath time).

My Reinassance Man

Josh has been busy using a couple of his many talents. He finished up the daybed he built for Caleb's room. It looks so good in the room & adds so much to the nursery! He also has been busy weeding & planting in our front yard. The flower bed looks drastically different than it did a few weeks ago. I wish I had a picture of what it looked like before he weeded and planted the flowers. With all the rain we have had it had gotten quite overgrown. Josh has such a great eye & skills for so many things and a green thumb is just one of them.

3 months old today

Caleb is three months old today! I cannot believe it. This summer is flying by! Caleb is doing great and changing so much. He has began batting at objects in front of him. He loves his hands and enjoys putting them in his mouth. He is such a good baby and we are so proud of him. He weighed in at his two month doctors visit at 13 pounds so I imagine he is probably 14 pounds or so by now. We will take him back for his four month visit in a month. He got three shots at his two month visit & did so well. I think mommy was more nervous than he was! It has been so nice having a baby in the summer because we have been able to get out and stroll and visit with lots of people. Well, I better wrap this up and wash some bottles while my little guy is still sleeping :)