Thursday, May 27, 2010

1st golf lesson

OK Caleb, grip the club like this....

OK....I got it Dad...


Did you see that shot????

Friday, May 14, 2010

Zoo Atlanta Grrrrrrrrr

Today Caleb and I went with "Papa" Sapp to Zoo Atlanta. We had such a great time and had perfect weather to visit with the animals! Caleb tends to growl at most animals, but began making other noises as he continued to realize that not all animals growl. One rather large bird was showing off with his loud coos and Caleb preceded to "coo" back at him--it was quite entertaining. We went during a great time of the day (mid morning) and most animals were up and about and easy to view even by a 1 year old. My favorite were the gorillas who apparently were having some problems with one another and were putting on quite a display of aggression/territoriality while we watched. We finished our day with the Panda bears which were so cute and cuddly. Papa, thank you for a wonderful trip to the zoo! We had such a great time!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One year old appointment

Caleb had his one year old appointment and checked out well according to the Doc. He is 24lbs (approx. 65%) and 30" long (90%). We dropped the bottle cold turkey the day after he turned one and he has done well. He is drinking whole milk out of a sippy cup and looks like a big boy carrying it around on his own. It makes me kinda sad! He is walking everywhere now and practically refuses to crawl. Occasionally he will still fall, but walks around like a champ. In fact, I am preparing myself for him to start running soon! Caleb is eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between. A typical day of meals would be the following:
and maybe a
Slice of toasted bread w/ jelly or pancakes


Fruit cup
Turkey (deli meat)
Veggie--offered not being eaten much now unless it is sweet potato fries

Animal crackers

Spaghetti or

Caleb LOVES balls (bouncy balls, golf balls, basketballs--any really)! He takes two naps a day that usually each last around an hour. He has never met a stranger and loves laughing, smiling and has become quite a talker. He knows several words like bird, ball, balloon, lights, sky, duck, horse, and dog to name a few. He can say several words also like "Ma ma", "Da Da", "Ba" (ball), "Boon" (Balloon), "thank you" (not crystal clear), "juice", and "cheese". Caleb loves bath time and doing anything outside.

Caleb, this year has been an incredible year for your mommy and daddy! Thank you for giving me the most incredible and challenging job I have ever had. I love you more than I thought was possible. You make me light up when I get to talk about you or when others compliment you. You bring so much joy into my life and days. I am honored to be your mother and will always love you no matter what!

Caleb is a 1 year old!!!!

Caleb turned one May 2nd and being that Cinco de Mayo is one of Josh's and my favorite holidays we decided to have a Dos de Mayo party for Caleb. We were so excited when we found a poncho and sombrero for Caleb to wear (which he would not wear the sombrero, but did not mind the poncho with his name on it)! One of Caleb's favorite foods is beans and rice so we thought that was another great reason to have a Fiesta for his first birthday. We had his party at a park on a sunny, but very windy day. Other than the fact that the wind blew some of the sombreros off the table and some of the picture frames down it turned out to be a great day. Caleb had a little personal cake, but did not really dig in like I thought he would. I wanted to have his first party on his actual birthday since it fell on a Sunday and that will not always be possible so we had it at 2pm (which is usually nap time for Caleb). This I think influenced him digging into his cake since he was a little bit sleepy. We all had a great time though especially Caleb's cousins playing pin the tail on the donkey and hitting the pinata for candy! Josh and I made all the food for Caleb's party including the cupcake cactus you see below. Happy 1st birthday Caleb we love you so much!

Caleb with ("Gigi" Sapp & "Gramma" Nelson)

Caleb's cousins picking up candy after the pinata busted.

Caleb and mommy hitting the pinata!