Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa Claus and Caleb 2010

As you see, Caleb did not think too fondly of Santa Claus this year! I knew he was at the age where it was going to be questionable and low and behold it was immediately BIG tears as soon as I placed Caleb on Santa's knee. Maybe next year buddy we will like Santa a little bit better. Who can blame you though.....I don't want to go sit in the lap of a big man that I don't know either! For anyone that is wondering about the moose in the background, we drove to the Bass Pro Shop in Lawrenceville to see Santa. They give you a FREE picture and you can also take pictures with your own camera. No big mall fees! I thought he looked like a great Santa as well. To top it off we were able to see the fish in the aquarium and every other kind of stuffed animal you can imagine!

BIG Brother!!!

Just a few days before Thanksgiving Josh and I found out we were going to be parents again and that Caleb was to be a BIG brother! We are very excited and anxious to see if Caleb is going to have a little sister or little brother. We did not find out the sex with Caleb, but I think we will find out this time so I am that much more anxious to know now that we are just weeks away from that answer. It was a blessing to find out before Thanksgiving so we could share the good news with family over the Thanksgiving holiday. We found the BIG brother t-shirt for Caleb to wear and did not say a word until someone noticed what it said. And believe it or not it took a few minutes for everyone to catch on since Caleb is a busy bee these days he didn't stop very long for anyone to read it. Caleb will be two years and three months old when this new baby comes. Caleb you are going to be the BEST BIG brother and your little sister or brother is going to love you very much!