Friday, May 27, 2011

Amelia Island, FL

A couple of weekends ago Josh, Caleb, Aspen and I packed up to head south to Amelia Island. One of my childhood friends, Lauren, and her husband, Jake, own a beautiful condo there and we joined them and their little boy, Asa, for an incredible beach weekend. Aspen enjoyed his time at the beach with their dog, Georgia. It was so much fun to watch them run in the sand and ocean. It had been a really long time since Aspen has been with us to the beach so it was really a treat to be able to bring him! Caleb also enjoyed his time playing in the sand, ocean and pool. It was such a great trip and we can't wait to go back!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our BIG little 2 year old!

We officially have a two year old in our house! Caleb turned two on May 2nd and we had a great celebration with family and friends. We had Caleb's party at our house and I can easily say he had the BEST time at his party. We had a couple of baby pools, cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, pizza and balloons (the making for a great two year old party)! Once Caleb discovered the baby pool in our yard, we could not get him out of it. He would belly flop over and over into the pool and would just squeal and laugh each time. Caleb enjoyed being the center of attention as we sang happy birthday to him.

Caleb enjoyed the cupcakes that Aunt Andrea and daddy made.

Caleb enjoying the bubbles with his friend Karcyn

Caleb and his great grandmothers

A few fun Caleb facts...
Weight 29 lbs (60%)
Height 34 1/2 inches (55%)
Caleb wears size 7 shoes and 2 T clothes
Caleb loves swimming as mentioned previously and is not afraid to go under or jump in from the side of the pool. He loves the beach, going to the playground, playing golf, digging for worms and getting dirty! Caleb is very outgoing and will try to engage most children and adults to play with him. He can count to 11 and knows a lot of the ABC song. Caleb will repeat just about anything you ask him (or don't ask him) to say. Don't say anything you do not want to be repeated :) Caleb loves to climb any and everything and is a daredevil like his daddy.

Caleb, mommy and daddy cannot believe you are already two! You are our favorite little person and we adore you. You bring joy and laughter into our home and we could not be more blessed to be your parents! We love you sweet boy!
Happy Birthday!