Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Newport Beach, CA

Monday we returned home from a week long work/vacation to Newport Beach, CA. We had a great trip and beautiful weather! Caleb enjoyed playing in the sand at the beach, sword fighting with his Grammie and Pappy and riding the escalator like the big boy he is becoming! It was quite funny though when Caleb first got on the escalator it didn't dawn on us that we probably should take a minute to explain to him how to get on/off of it because he did the Will Farrell thing in Elf when he got on (one foot above and one below) and he wasn't sure how to move it. It was too funny and too cute!

Newport Beach has incredible malls as you might can imagine! This is at an outdoor mall called Fashion Island. Caleb loved all of the fountains they had.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Caleb's Big Boy Room

We have been busy preparing Caleb's big boy room to make the change when he turns two in May. Caleb has already learned to climb out of his crib and knows how to get down off a bed safely so we think the transition will go smoothly. We chose a sports theme for his room since we think he is our little all-star and already loves all types of sports balls.

Josh transformed this trunk that his grandfather once used to one that is safe for Caleb and looks great in his room. It was a cedar chest that Josh used his creative juices to stain in two different colors.

Once again Josh in his creativity, thought of the idea to use his dad's old golf club heads as the curtain rod for Caleb's room.

We love you Caleb and can't believe you are becoming such a BIG BOY!