Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Noah is 4 months old

Noah is now four months old and he has begun eating baby food. He is still getting accustomed to the different tastes and makes very entertaining faces as he eats the different foods! So far he seems to like sweet potatoes and carrots. Noah is also rolling over now. He started this about a week before turning four months old. He rolled from back to front and shortly after from front to back. He was so proud of himself when he first started doing this that I could not put him down for several days without him rolling immediately :) With two movers in our house life is going to get very exciting! We love you Noah and are enjoying watching you grow and explore the world around you!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all

Although each of these pictures really deserve their own posts....I can't seem to find time for that! We have had a great Fall so far making some great memories as a family......

Downtown Disney in October

The Magic Kingdom is always fun for little ones and big ones!

We enjoyed the petting zoo and riding some rides at the Perry, GA National Fair with my parents, and some of Caleb's cousins and Uncle Shannon in October.

Our newest little Turkey! About to start some baby food to fatten him up more :)

Daddy won a snake and two bears shooting hoops in the Animal Kingdom. He made Caleb one happy camper leaving the park.

Caleb enjoyed a chance to run wild at the dinosaur area in the Animal Kingdom!

Painting a pumpkin is much easier and less dangerous than carving one for a two year old!

Friday, November 4, 2011

3 months old

Noah was 3 months old October 22nd and the time is flying by! He has definitely what I call "woken up" and is showing off his little personality these days. He will smile and coo in one moment and a split second later show his feisty side. I can't wait to watch his little personality develop and see just how different two boys from the same parents can be. Noah is beginning to swat at toys hanging above him when he is on his play mat. His favorite place though is in someones arms. He still will not take a bottle so he is staying very close to my side and goes everywhere I do. He loves bath time and will calm down immediately when placed in the water. We just began rice cereal and seems to like it so far. I know the next 3 months will be fun with rolling, crawling and lots more eating!